Module Six

Administration and Operation of Planned Giving Programs

Focus on the administration and operational side of planned giving programs.

Practical Issues - Forms, procedures, processes for the intake and on-going operations of Planned Gifts

  • Developing Written Guidelines - Application of guidelines to the office of development, business, and public relations
  • Operational Issues - Review of types of Planned Gifts, 4-tier accounting requirements, appropriate type, and payout percentages in today's environment
  • Responsibilities and Roles of Administration - Development office, business/financial office, in-house/outside counsel, operational board/foundation board, and volunteers
  • Procedures - Conveyance of gift deeds, reports to donor and beneficiaries, asset management, appraisal fees and expenses, duties to disclose possible errors, oversight, and poor performance to income beneficiaries and remainder beneficiaries
  • Investment Issues - Role of Behavioral Finance and Trust % in managing charitable trusts
  • Use of Professionals in Gift Administration - Auditors and accountants, periodic legal review, and contracting with outside professionals

Elder Care

The focus is on understanding the financial, emotional, and physical needs of the elderly and the relationship between those needs and the professional involved in planned giving.

Through the use of statistical analysis, demographics, trends and case studies, this module equips the professional to better serve the elderly community.

  • Health care affecting the elderly's financial and physical needs
  • Powers of attorney, health care directives, conservatorships, incapacity and estate planning
  • Ethics and charitable planning
  • Residential needs and long-term care
  • Preservation of the integrity of charitable gifts

Instructor: John Lansing

Class Dates: 2019-2020 Dates- July 27-28, 2020 8AM-5PM Via Zoom Course Number: 9006

                   2020-2021 Dates- July 19-20, 2021 8AM-5PM Via Zoom Course Number: 0106

Fee: $975.00