Module Two

Tax Planning

Focus on the basic federal tax structure in the United States and on the basic concepts of the income tax system and the transfer tax system.

  • Income Tax System - Basic overview including: tax policy, tax disputes, and judicial/regulatory interpretations, with emphasis on determining types of income and deductions, tax rates, alternative minimum taxes, and reading income tax returns
  • Gift and Estate Taxes - Basic overview of the transfer tax system, including: tax policy related to transfer of wealth and review of legislative history
  • Methods of Transferring Wealth, Including Gift, Devise, Contract, and Law - Gift and estate tax rules; generation-skipping transfer rules

Marketing Planned Giving

Developing the marketing plan, attracting donor prospect attention and relationship building techniques will be covered

  • Marketing Strategies - Newsletters, postcards, institutional publications, general and targeted mail brochures, fact sheets, seminars, professional networks, and web based marketing
  • Solicitation Procedures and Techniques
  • Special Concerns
  • Elements of a Proposal - The case for supporting the charity, the purpose of the gift, the amount requested, method of making the gift, tax, financial, and intangible donor benefits
  • Features of a Proposal Assumptions - Summary of gift arrangement, tax consequences, and cash flow projections, use of graphics, win-wins for donor and agency

Dates: November 18-19, 2019 8AM-5PM
Fee: $975.00
Course Number - 9002